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DS8 Writer’s Box

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DS8 Writer’s Box

The new gift set from Prodir: A premium “low viscosity” writing system, a beautifully designed DS8 made of bioplastic or in velvety Soft Touch together with an environmentally friendly shell case made of cellulose fibres – the unique composition of the DS8 Writer’s Box. Innovation, top-notch quality and sustainability combine for credible brand communication.

Natural Touch

The Natural Touch version of the DS8 features a body surface constructed using 100% biodegradable cellulose acetate.

The high gloss piano black ballpoint pen is reminiscent of modern pen design classics in its materials and colours. It is protected by a minimalist PS3 shell case made of natural cellulose.


Soft Touch

Writing is twice as soft with the DS8 in the Writer’s Box Soft Touch. The finger-friendly feel of the matt black Soft Touch body surface and the silky writing experience with high-end TechGlide® refills complement each other impeccably.

The ergonomic form of the DS8 ensures a perfect fit in the hand. In this version of the set, the DS8 is protected by a light-grey PS3 shell case.

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DS8 WB Tech Specs

Gift set consisting of a DS8 with the TechGlide premium writing system in a PS3 shell case. Available in two versions: A. Natural Touch with a high gloss piano black DS8 made of bioplastic (cellulose acetate), chrome finish metal push button optional. B. Soft Touch with a black DS8 in velvety Soft Touch, with chrome finish metal push button as standard. Both come protected within a grey PS3 case made of biodegradable cellulose.

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