For gold and silver service providers, 24k gold-plated gifts are decent enough to show your appreciation and recognition towards employees that stayed with your company for so many years. There are four series of 24 gold-plated gifts for you to choose from – currency, décor, flower and religious series. To further differentiate gold service providers from silver service providers, you can purchase more expensive 24 gold-plated gifts to gold service provider recipients. For bronze service provider recipients, practical items such as bags and IT related items are always one of your employee’s favourites.

What makes up a company? Besides clients, I would say employees are important assets to a company. From small-scale companies to multinational companies (MNCs), employees play vital roles in determining the company’s future. In some Western countries, the people even celebrate Employee Appreciation Day once a year.

In Singapore, although Employee Appreciation Day is not celebrated as a holiday, most companies do organise company annual dinner for employees to dine, enjoy and have a fun on that evening. Some well-established companies are even holding employee service award annually as an appreciation for their effort and hard work throughout the year. Besides invigorating the bond between employer and employee, gifts are normally given out to employees as a token of appreciation.

So what makes ideal staff appreciation gifts? From my point of view, as long as the gifts are practical, user-friendly and decent, they are good to go. However, the best gift for employees has always customized gifts like gold-plated gifts that have your company logo printed on it so that your employees feel more appreciated with the special gifts.

With unique gifts and corporate gifts suppliers available in the market, it is not hard to access to them. The harder part would be choosing the best gift supplier among the others, and deciding what are the best gold-plated gifts for your employees whom you appreciate a lot.

For employee service awards, you can always divide the employees into gold, silver and bronze service providers, where gold service providers are those with work your company for more than 20 years, silver 10  years and bronze 5 years and above. With the list ready, it is easier to allocate the budget for gold-plated gifts accordingly.