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Products Featured– Part 1

Here Find whatever type of gift items you’re keen to personalized, you can create it with ease at Simply Personalized and have it delivered fast ..


Next gift items on the list by this corporate gifts supplier is the regular cap. What make it unique are the latest designs crafted by Just Simply Gifts. Shoppers can choose from categories of Reflective Piping Design Cap, Zipper Pouch Design Cap, Complex Line Design Cap, Long Peak Design Cap, Twin Mesh Trimming Design Cap, Ergonomic Design Cap, Streamline Design Cap, UV Protection, Water and Stain Repellent, Quick Dry and Moist-Wick and Bacteria and Odor Control. Just take note of the minimum order quantity for all the gift items categories as the more you order, the cheaper it shall be.

Fridge Magnets

With a wide range of magnets to choose from, the fridge is never going to be the same again. Close to 13 categories of fridge magnets lie in this segment offered by the corporate gifts supplier, Just Simply Gifts. Each Gift items category carries many more choices for corporate gifts.


Comprising of 4 different categories and a huge base of selection for each categories, these bags can be offered as promotional marketing gifts or gifts for employees. The unique gift supplier, Just Simply Gifts offers non woven bags, cotton bags, jute bags, and laptop and document bags. A notable unique differentiation by Just Simply Gifts is the lady laptop bag, a rare product offering.

Soft toys

10 categories of plush soft toys each with its many more choices grace the online pages of Just Simply Gifts. Nothing too big, this small toy reawakens the surge of childhood in the corporate world’s business offering. For example, a soft toy for every savings account opening in a local bank.


The most preferred give away gift, Just Simply Gifts has 16 categories of pen alone for shoppers to choose from. These colorful gadgets come in sets and are all set in varying features.

To be continued…

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