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Foldable Bluetooth Silicone Keyboard

Are you looking for a portable keyboard that can be sized down and carried easily? Technology and design has advanced to that point where you can actually fold your keyboard and carry it with you wherever you go. Introducing the amazing full size Bluetooth silicone keyboard that is foldable, waterproof and durable.

Carrying a keyboard while travelling can be a hassle. It needs a special space in your luggage and needs to be taken care of. This keyboard, on the other hand, is a revolutionary alternative which is fully functional as a standard keyboard and has plenty of exceptional features.

● Carry it with you, at all times

Since this keyboard is made of soft silicon, it can be folded into a small roll. It occupies very little space; therefore, it can fit in almost anything. Besides that, it is light weighted so you will not feel much of a difference in your luggage with or without it. These features make it an exceptional keyboard that is portable and highly convenient. On owning one of these, you will have access to a keyboard always and you can connect it easily with your tablet.

● Color choices

JustSimplyGifts offers three color choices for Bluetooth foldable silicone keyboard. To match with your tablet’s cover, you can chose from the most popular color options. It is available in red, blue and pink colors. If you want to compliment the outlook of your tablet, this keyboard will definitely steal the looks.

● They are durable and long lasting

The foldable Bluetooth silicone keyboards offered by JustSimplyGifts are not only convenient to use, but are durable as well. Being waterproof and dustproof, you do not have to follow a high maintenance routine in order to keep it fully functional and working. Working with this keyboard is a joy and maintaining it is easier than ever before.

● Offers great performance

The performance of the foldable Bluetooth soft silicone keyboard has kept up to the expectations of its buyers. It is highly responsive to touch and the Bluetooth connection happens in a jiffy. The best thing about these keyboards is that, they do not require your average maintenance. Therefore, its functionality does not undergo changes even if you have not dusted it or accidentally spilled liquid on it. The bottom line is, these keyboard are extremely reliable and handy.

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